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  新概念英语第三册课堂笔记第四十三课 Fully insured 全保险

  【New words and expressions】 生词和短语

  ●insure v. 投保

  ●fete n. 游园会

  ●premium n. 保险费

  ●recover v. 使......得到补偿,弥补

  ●admittedly adv. 公认地

  ●purchase v. 买

  ●annual adj. 一年一度的

  ●teenager n. (13至19岁的)青少年

  ●capsize v. (船)翻

  ●shiver v. 打颤,发抖

  ●dive v. (头向下)跳水

  ●haul v. 拖曵

  ●hawser n. 粗缆绳

  ●rim n. (圆形物品的)外沿,边

  ●winch n. 绞车

  ●agonizing adj. 精神紧张的,提心吊胆的

  ●perch v. 处于

  ●precariously adv. 危险地,不稳固地

  ●overbalance v. 失去平衡

  ●clamp n. 夹钳,夹板

  ●vertically adv. 垂直地

  ●torrent n. 激流,洪流

  ●rebound v. 弹回

  ◆insure v. 投保

  insure==make a contract that promises to pay a sum of money in case of accident, damage, loss, etc.

  insure sb/sth against 给…上保险以防…

  insurance n.

  insurance company 保险公司

  assure 向......保证,使确信,它的宾语一定是人。

  I assure you that I’ll bring you Happiness. 我向你保证能给你带来幸福。

  ensure v. 保证,确保 宾语可以是物

  Hard work can ensure our success.

  guarantee 担保(指担保人的优秀品质,视之某物的质量

  I can guarantee the watch for ten months.

  L43-01 end 5’23”

  L43-02 begin 12’34”

  ◆fete n. 游园会

  ◆premium n. 保险费

  ◆recover v. 使......得到补偿,弥补

  recover vi 康复 recover from

  recover vt.==make up for, compensate for

  Eg: Nothing can recover our health.

  regain 经过努力而获得......

  regain one’s courage 重新获得勇气

  recover one’s courage 恢复勇气

  He regained / recovered his enthusiasm. 他又恢复了他的热情。

  restore vt. 恢复健康, 恢复原状

  He has been restored.

  heal 治愈伤口

  His wound has healed. 他的伤口已经痊愈了。

  ◆admittedly adv. 公认地

  inevitably 不可避免地

  Admittedly he is a great person.

  admittedly==we are admitting that

  ◆purchase v. 买

  buy vt.

  purchase 比buy 要正式,主要用于书面语,还可以是名词

  Can you purchase fredom with money?

  I need not remind you of that terrible tie you bought yesterday.(二册L41)

  purchase money 买进的价格

  purchasing power 购买力

  Not worth a day’s purchase 危在旦夕

  Eg: His life is not worth a day’s purchase.

  ◆annual adj. 一年一度的

  ◆teenager n. (13至19岁的)青少年

  ◆capsize vi. (船)翻

  Eg: The ship capsized because of the rough wave.

  ◆shiver v. 打颤,发抖


  整体的颤抖用shiver, 部分的用tremble

  Eg: His hands are trembling.

  He is shivering with cold.

  Eg: His trembling voice betrayed his secret. 他颤抖的声音泄漏了他的秘密。

  Shudder 因为寒冷害怕的因素导致的全身抖动

  ◆dive v. (头向下)跳水

  ◆haul v. 拖曳

  haul==pull with effort our force 强调用力去拉

  Eg: They hauled the boat up the beach.

  pull 连续不断地拉 (应用范围最广泛)

  L43-02 end 12’34”

  L43-03 begin 11’46”

  drag 拖拉(两者之间有摩擦力)

  Eg: The stone was so heavy that I had to drag it into the room.

  After a day’s hard work, I dragged myself Home. 工作了一天我拖着疲惫的身躯回了家

  Drag oneself to 拖着疲惫的身躯去……

  tug 强调飞快的拖拉

  Tow 借助外力拖拉较大较重的物体

  ◆hawser n. 粗缆绳

  ◆rim n. (圆形物品的)外沿,边

  ◆winch n. 绞车

  ◆agonizing adj. 精神紧张的,提心吊胆的

  agonize v. 使精神紧张,使极度痛苦

  agonized 感到精神紧张

  agony n.==great pain 极度痛苦

  He couldn’t carry out his resolution so he was so agony. 他不能实现他的坚定的决心而感到极度痛苦。

  At the news he is in an agony of joy. 听到消息他感到极度的高兴。(agony 加强语气)

  ◆perch v. 处于(高处)

  locate, situate 是正式用词,vt.

  perch vi.

  A bird perched on the branch of the tree for the moment.

  perch on 栖息

  The little village perches among the hills.这个小山村高高地位于群山之中。

  Knock sb off his perch 打败、击败

  Eg: I knocked him off his perch yesterday.

  come off one’s perch 不再骄傲自大=put your pride in your pocket.

  put your pride in your pocket.

  ◆◆◆precariously adv. 危险地,不稳固地

  L43-03 end 11’46”

  L43-04 begin 11’43”

  Precarious=unsafe, unsteady, not firm 强调不安全,不稳定,不稳固而导致的危险

  An actress’s life would be too precarious for me. 不稳定

  dangerous 危险的常用词

  Eg: Playing with matches is dangerous.

  hazardous 碰运气的,冒险的 而导致的危险

  Climbing the high mountain is hazardous.

  adventruous 爱冒险的,胆子很大的

  perilous 语义程度比dangerous 要高的多,强调被伤害或被杀害的危险

  Eg: It is perilous to do so. 这么做有可能会丢了性命。

  ◆overbalance v. 失去平衡

  ◆clamp n. 夹钳,夹板

  ◆vertically adv. 垂直地

  vertical adj.

  反义词: horizontlly 平行地

  horizon 地平线

  I draw a line vertically / horizontally.

  ◆torrent n. 激流,洪流

  torrent=rough wave

  ◆rebound v. 弹回

  Eg: The ball is rebounded. 球被弱回来了。


  § Lesson 43 Fully insured 全保险

  Q: Who owned the pie dish and why?

  insurance companies are normally willing to insure anything. Insuring public or private property is a standard practice in most countries in the world. If, however, you were holding an open air garden party or a fete it would be equally possible to insure yourself in the event of bad weather. Needless to say, the bigger the risk an insurance company takes, the higher the premium you will have to pay. It is not uncommon to hear that a ship ping company has made a claim for the cost of salvaging a sunken ship. But the claim made by a local authority to recover the cost of salvaging a sunken pie dish must surely be unique.

  Admittedly it was an unusual pie dish, for it was eighteen feet long and six feet wide. It had been purchased by a local authority so that an enormous pie could be baked for an annual fair. The pie committee decided that the best way to transport the dish would be by canal, so they insured it for the trip. Shortly after it was launched, the pie committee went to a local inn to celebrate. At the same time, a number of teenagers climbed on to the dish and held a little party of their own. Dancing proved to be more than the dish could bear, for during the party it capsized and sank in seven feet of water.(仅提供部分文章)


  背熟:insurance companies are normally willing to insure anything.

  Eg: This practice is accepted and it is acceptable.

  In the event of==in case of 以防万一; 如果发生;倘若

  In the event of being sick, you’d better not go to the party.

  in the event that

  You must work harder and harder in the event that you get the frustration.

  In the event that you will get the frustration you must work harder and harder.

  背熟:Needless to say, the bigger the risk an insurance company takes, the higher the premium you will have to pay.

  Take the risk 冒险,承担风险

  背熟:It is not uncommon to hear that a ship ping company has made a claim for the cost of salvaging a sunken ship.


  1,Not + 否定 形容词 : Is not unreasonable

  2,not + without I can’t live without you

  3, no + not/ no + no There is no cat that doesn’t like fish

  There is nothing he can’t do.

  There is no rule that has no exception / that doesn’t have exception.

  Make a claim 提出索赔要求

  unique==very much particular 独一无二

  需要作出艰苦努力的自我约束: Self-discipline required a sedulous work.

  to==in order to

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