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  New words and expression 生词和短语

  desert?island 荒岛

  desert n.沙漠 vt.背弃,遗弃

  dessert n.甜点

  unrealistic adj.不真实

  paradise n.天堂,乐士

  -- A lot of people imagine the USA as their paradise.

  Heaven n.天堂, 天国(也指死亡 -- go to heaven)

  wretched adj.可怜的,艰苦的

  =miserable adj.痛苦的, 悲惨的, 可怜

  -- lead a wretched/miserable/terrible/dog’s life. 过着悲惨的生活。

  starve v.挨饿(-- starve to death 饿死)

  -- During the war, a large of people starved to death.

  -- hungry to death 我饿得要死(即:我非常饿)

  element n.成分

  opportunity n.机会

  golden opportunity 绝好的机会

  -- Don’t miss any golden opportunities.

  -- opportunity knocks only once 千载难逢的机会

  chance 表机会时可以与opportunity互换(后面+of doing, 或to do)

  -- I had the chance of visiting Paris.=I had the opportunity of visiting Paris.

  -- He had no opportunity to see her.

  chance表可能性时(=possibility), 则不可opportunity互换。

  -- There is a chance that I will see him. 我有可能见到她。

  -- The chances are that he will be elected the president. 他有可能当选总统。

  -- The chances are that he will pass his examination next week.

  coral n.珊瑚

  Virgin?Islands 维尔京群岛

  Miami n.迈阿密(美国最南的城市)

  Dinghy n.救生筏,小船

  Caribbean n.加勒比海

  spear?gun 捕鱼枪

  lobster n.龙虾

  tanker n.油轮

  genuinely adv.由衷地

  -- He is genuinely thankful to me. 他由衷地地感谢我。

  Genuine adj.真实的, 真正的, 诚恳的


  Robinson?Crusoe 鲁滨孙.克鲁索(小说《鲁滨孙漂流记》主人公)

  Exceptional adj.例外的, 异常的

  Ripe adj.熟的, 成熟的

  Fruit n.水果, 果实, 果类, 成果

  Opposite adj.相对的, 相反的, 对等的 n.相反的事物

  Sink vi.沉下, (使)下沉

  Prove vt.证明, 证实

  Spear n.矛, 枪


  Text 课文

  What was exceptional about the two men‘s stay on the desert island?

  Most of us have formed an unrealistic picture of life on a desert island.

  form an?unrealistic?picture?of?sth 对…抱有不切实际的幻想

  -- A large number of people have formed an unrealistic picture of the job.

  Form(v.形成, 构成)=develop(vt.逐渐形成)

  -- develop a habit=form a habit 养成一种习惯

  We sometimes imagine a desert island to be a sort of paradise where the sun always shines.

  imagine sth to be=imagine sth as

  -- Some people imagine flying to be more dangerous than traveling by train.

  -- A large number people imagine the USA as their paradise.

  Life there is simple and good. Ripe fruit falls from the trees and you never have to work.

  You never have to work=you needn’t work=you don’t need to work

  The other side of the picture is quite the opposite. Life on a desert island is wretched.

  quite?the?opposite 恰恰相反 / quite different

  You either starve to death or live like Robinson Crusoe, Waiting for a boat which never


  Either you or I am going to the party. (谓语动词和最接近的主语保持一致)

  Either come in or go out, don’t stand on the doorway.(门口, 门道)

  Perhaps there is an element of truth in both these pictures, but few us have had the

  opportunity to find out.

  an element of truth=a bit of truth

  Optimistic(adj.乐观的) Pessimistic(adj.悲观的, 消极的)


  1>如果表达与现在情况相反, that从句中的动词要用过去时(be?动词要用were)。

  -- I wish you could drive a car.=I am sorry you can’t drive a car.


  2>如果表达与过去情况相反, that从句中的动词要用过去完成时。

  -- I wish I hadn‘t spent so much money.=I am sorry I spend so much money.

  -- I wish that you had written to him.=I am sorry you didn’t write to him.

  3>如果表达与将来事实相反的情况或将来不可能实现的心愿, that从句中要使用would,


  -- I?wish?that?I?could?go?abroad?tomorrow.

  -- I wish that you could come here tomorrow.


  -- If only the weather would change.=I wish the weather would change.


  -- We wish that we knew where to look for him.=If only we knew where to look for him.


  -- If only we could have gone to the party. 要是我们昨天能参加那个聚会该有多好啊!

  -- If only you hadn‘t said that. 你要是不说那句话多好啊!

  -- If only you would come here tomorrow. 你明天要是能来该有多好啊!



  have it repaired (have sth done)



  load…with sth 把某物装载到…上

  -- The workers are loading the truck with goods.

  Unload(vi.卸货, 退子弹 vt.倾销, 卸)



  hardly any=very little/few (hardly adv.刚刚, 几乎不)

  -- Hardly anybody likes him because he is so rude. 几乎没人喜欢他, 因为他非常粗鲁。

  -- You hardly eat anything, what‘s wrong? 你几乎什么都没吃, 怎么了?

  prove to be=turn out to be



  They?caught?lobster?and?fish?every?day, and,?as?one?of?them?put?it?‘ate?like?kings‘.





  =If only we could have stayed on the desert island a little bit longer.

  Special difficulties 难点

  wish, if only

  1> had bought it(显然说明的是过去的情况)

  -- silly adj.愚蠢的, 无聊的

  2> couldn‘t/wouldn‘t make such noise.

  3> were here (强调:他在这儿, 该有多好)

  说明与现在情况相反的新概念, 无论什么人称, be动词应该使用were.

  4> could play the piano as well...

  5> had studied hard then.

  6> hadn‘t mentioned it to him.

  Multiple choice questions 多项选择

  1... C 要么是过度乐观, 要么是过度的悲观

  unreal adj.不真实的, 虚幻的

  present vt.介绍, 赠送, 呈现

  wretchedness n.可怜, 悲惨

  idleness n.闲散, 懒惰, 赋闲无事

  unduly adv.不适当地, 过度地, 不正当地

  optimistic adj.乐观的

  pessimistic adj.悲观的, 厌世的

  2... D essential(adj.必需的, 基本的)=?very?necessary?

  equipment n.装备, 设备

  3... A fend?for?oneself 独立的照料某人

  4... B think?of?sb/sth as… 把某人、某事看作为...

  5... D few?of?us 我们当中没有几个人

  6... C after(介词)其后要和名词、动名词搭配

  -- after(连词)引导时间状语从句, 表示动作在前。(A答案变为they had rowed就对了)

  7... B Refrigerators are useful.=A refrigerator is useful.

  Scarce adj.缺乏的, 不足的, 稀有的, 不充足的

  8... C 为做过的事情后悔:regret?+?doing be sorry that是否可以表示后悔去做某事?

  9... B

  inhabited(adj.有人居住的) uninhabited(adj.无人居住的)

  unpopular adj.不流行的, 不受欢迎的

  barren adj.不生育的, 不孕的, 贫瘠的 n.荒地

  10... D 完全不同的 entirely different

  naturally adv.自然地, 天然地

  11... D


  -- They found the trip to be very exciting.

  某人或某事被发现怎么样, 常用被动语态。

  -- The?car?is?found?to?be?beautiful.

  Demonstrate v.论证,表明,举行,示威

  12... A put?it=express





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