“即使没有做到尽善尽美,你也值得被爱。” 这段毕业典礼

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  There's nothing wrong with working hard and being ambitious. But I wish I could have told her, that you're lovable and worthy of respect even without doing all that.

  近日,在深圳市蛇口外籍人员子女学校 (简称,SIS)2024届高三毕业典礼上,校友李思嘉(Aria Li)的这段演讲引起了广泛共鸣。这是她对曾经18岁的自己说的话,也是给即将步入大学的学弟学妹的美好寄语。

  Recently, a speech delivered by alumna Aria Li during the graduation ceremony of the Class of 2024 at Shekou International School (SIS) in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, resonated with many. Her speech not only reflected her own experience at age 18 but also sent a heartfelt message to those about to enter university.


  Li, a graduate of the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts, shared three pieces of advice during her speech at the graduation ceremony:Do what interests you and discover new journeys along the way; it's normal for people to have expectations of you, so use your time wisely to explore your own life; cherish the love and care given by your family in this new chapter of your life.





  As the inaugural international school in Shenzhen, SIS recently celebrated its 35th anniversary.

  从最初只有十几名学生到目前已有来自 43个国家 1100 多名的在校学生,30多年来,SIS始终以培养全球公民的教育理念,致力于激励学生成为有原则、有创新力的贡献者。

  With its long-standing commitment to educating global citizens, SIS has flourished over the past 30 years. With a remarkable expansion from just a handful of students to more than 1,100 hailing from 43 countries, the school remains dedicated to inspiring students to become principled and innovative contributors to the world.

  SIS总校长Harish Kanabar(哈瑞什)表示:“我们向毕业生灌输的价值观之一,就是让他们走向世界,做善事。我们希望他们成为道德领袖,无论是在医学、设计、慈善工作还是非政府组织倡议中,积极为社会作出贡献。”

  "One of the values that we instill in our graduates is that they go off into the world and do good. We want them to become ethical leaders who contribute positively to society, whether in medicine, design, charity work, or non-governmental organization initiatives," said Harish Kanabar, head of SIS.



  "If we do not teach our children to be better custodians of this planet, who will take care of it?" asked Kanabar. "Teaching students to be responsible custodians of the planet is essential for ensuring a sustainable future. As global citizens, students need to understand the effect of their actions on the environment and society. By instilling a sense of environmental stewardship, we empower students to make informed choices and contribute to a more sustainable world."


  生动有趣的环保教育之外,SIS还注重开展多样化专业课堂来提升学生学习和实践能力。在课外活动上,从森巴、橄榄球、足球、篮球、网球、戏剧到西式骑马、法语、 科学、高尔夫、跆拳道、音乐等等,学校开设有 300多个不同的活动项目以培养学生的组织能力和领导力。

  Aside from environmental education, SIS places great emphasis on diverse academic programs to enhance students' learning and practical skills. As for extracurricular activities, there are more than 300 different options provided, ranging from samba, rugby, football, basketball, tennis and drama, to Western-style horseback riding, French, science, golf, taekwondo and music, to name a few. Such diversified programs are aimed at cultivating students' organizational and leadership abilities.


  As a veteran educator with nearly 30 years of experience, Kanabar believes that priority should be placed on an individual's interests and finding institutions that fit, rather than being pushed by the school or solely considering parental expectations.


  "Students learn the importance of balancing academic rigor with wellbeing, fun and community engagement through sports, drama and music. This holistic approach helps them become well-rounded individuals," Kanabar said.



  SIS塑造着深圳的国际教育模式,培育了一个充满活力的多元文化社区,SIS前任校长、现任ISS全球教育服务机构亚太区副总裁Greg Smith(格雷格-史密斯)说道:“随着世界的联系变得越来越紧密,学校必须在课程中优先考虑文化理解、多语种和创造力教学。”

  SIS is shaping the international education landscape in Shenzhen and fosters a vibrant, multicultural community, said Greg Smith, former head of SIS and the current vice-president for Asia Pacific at International Schools Services. "As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, schools must prioritize cultural understanding, multilingualism and creativity in their curricula."


  SIS follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum framework for its on-campus teaching, using the internationally accredited American Common Core educational system for language, arts and mathematics to provide more comprehensive and diverse classroom content. With a student-centered approach to teaching and learning, the school encourages students to explore learning course content. The rich and diverse curriculum includes mathematics, science and design, humanities, language and literature, arts, physical education and health and world languages.


  High school students can obtain a diploma from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) through a credit system. The school also offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) to prepare students for admission to top international universities.

  利用技术促进跨境学校之间的合作创建更具活力和包容性的教育生态系统。据了解,SIS目前与全球 500 多所国际学校建立合作,致力于为教育工作者提供专业发展机会并在全球招聘优秀教师以提高教育质量。

  Utilizing technology can aid collaborations between cross-border schools and create a more vibrant and inclusive educational ecosystem. According to SIS, it has established partnerships with more than 500 international schools worldwide, aiming to enhance educational quality by offering professional development opportunities for educators and recruiting outstanding teachers.


  Currently, SIS has nearly 230 world-class faculty members from 15 countries and regions. More than two-thirds of the teachers hold a master’s degree or higher. The teacher-student ratio is far below 10:1, ensuring high-quality teaching.

  SIS共设有三个校区,分别位于深圳蛇口鲸山别墅,太子湾和蛇口网谷,接纳从幼儿园到 12 年级(2-18岁)的学生,从各类户外活动区到校内图书馆、剧院,从宽敞灵活的教室到设备齐全的实验室,完备的教学设施为学生创造了优质的学习环境。

  Greg Smith(格雷格-史密斯)表示,SIS是一所真正国际化且注重多元文化的学校,致力于培养具有全球视野的学生。学校提供双语教学课程,并鼓励学生发挥创造力和创新精神,以应对日新月异的世界。同时,SIS对文化交流和多语言教育的重视也促进了深圳互联互通与包容性发展。

  Smith noted that SIS stands out as a truly international school that embraces diversity and prepares students for a globalized world. SIS equips students with the skills and mindset to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape by offering bilingual programs and a curriculum that encourages creativity and innovation. The school's focus on cultural exchange and multilingualism contributes to fostering a more interconnected and

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