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  Pollution is the price we pay for an overpopulated, over industrialized

  planet. When you come to think about it, there are only four ways you can deal

  with rubbish: dump it, burn it, turn it into something you can use again,

  attempt to produce less of it. We keep trying all four methods, but the sheer

  volume of rubbish we produce worldwide threatens to overwhelm us.

  Rubbish, however, is only part of the problem of polluting our planet. The

  need to produce ever-increasing quantities of cheap food leads to a different

  kind of pollution. Industrialized farming methods produce cheap meat products:

  beef, pork and chicken. The use of pesticides and fertilizers produces cheap

  grain and vegetables. The price we pay for cheap food may be already too high:

  Mad Cow Disease (BSE) in cattle, salmonella in chicken and eggs, and wisteria in

  dairy products. And if you think you'll abandon meat and become a vegetarian,

  you have the choice of very expensive organically-grown vegetables or a steady

  diet of pesticides every time you think you're eating fresh salads and

  vegetables, or just having an innocent glass of water!

  However, there is an even more insidious kind of pollution that

  particularly affects urban areas and invades our daily lives, and that is noise.

  Burglar alarms going off at any time of the day or night serve only to annoy

  passers-by and actually assist burglars to burgle. Car alarms constantly scream

  at us in the street and are a source of profound irritation. A recent survey of

  the effects of noise revealed (surprisingly?) that dogs barking incessantly in

  the night rated the highest form of noise pollution on a scale ranging from 1 to

  7. The survey revealed a large number of sources of noise that we really

  dislike. Lawn mowers whining on a summer's day, late-night parties in apartment

  blocks, noisy neighbors, vehicles of all kinds, especially large container

  trucks thundering through quiet village, planes and helicopters flying overhead,

  large radios carried round in public places and played at maximum volume. New

  technology has also made its own contribution to noise. A lot of people object

  to mobile phones, especially when they are used in public places like

  restaurants or on public transport. Loud conversations on mobile phones invade

  our thoughts or interrupt the pleasure of meeting friends for a quiet chat. The

  noise pollution survey revealed a rather spurring and possibly amusing old

  fashioned source of noise. It turned out to be snoring! Men were found to be the

  worst offenders. It was revealed that 20% of men in their mid-thirties snore.

  This figure rises to a staggering 60% of men in their sixties. Against these

  figures, it was found that only 5% of women snore regularly, while the rest are

  constantly woken or kept awake by their trumpeting partners. Whatever the source

  of noise, one thing is certain: silence, it seems, has become a golden











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