One Foot on Earth

2003-05-29 00:00:00来源:暂无来源
  作 者:赵文通   “If you are dreaming of soaring in the sky, you should have one point on the earth first,” my former dorm-mate often expostulated to me when I was in doubt as to what to do. He stuck to his own creed, industriously heading toward his dream of being a mathematician. I didn’t intend to become a mathematician, but instead, so deeply influenced by Ku Hung-Ming, who began to learn English by reading and memorizing Shakespeare’s plays, and becoming a great scholar in English and presenting the Western world with the earliest translation of Confucius’philosophical ideas, I thought of following his example but I hadn’t so much time to ruminate on Shakespeare’s masterpieces which anyway, are somewhat out of fashion. To become a modern Ku Hung-Ming, the first step I’d take was to choose something as my learning material. A good friend recommended New Concept English. But I was not able to contribute all my energy and time to English learning, for I must focus on my major subjects. My friend then suggested that it was very convenient for me to take the long-distance English education of New Oriental School through internet, for I can learn English at any time I like to.   So I followed his advice. In the beginning, I felt the lessons were very difficult for me; they always contained too many new words, some long sentences and complicated structures. But every time when I was on line, I was completely preoccupied by the magnetic voice of the teacher, and all the questions can be easily solved. The most exciting thing for me was my vocabulary began to be enlarged day after day, so I kept on devouring this language dinner. After finishing New Concept English II, I went on learning New Concept English III through internet. When I found myself able to go through any passage unimpeded, I knew it already insufficient for me only to be a learner. It was the right time for me to write .   So I tried. It was an article on the Iraqi war and I emailed it to 21st Century editor. For two or three days after I emailed it, I was quite eager to receive a reply but was let down. I felt a bit disappointed rather than gloomy for I knew clearly that almost every great writer once had a similar experience. A week had passed when this incident only remained a blurred image in my memory. I unexpectedly received an email, informing me that my article had been adopted. On hearing the news, I got excited with a burst of ecstasy because I was just fluttering my wings and ready to soar to the sky after practicing hard where I was standing with the help of internet and the teacher of New Oriental School